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Go from a family photo to a tile!

Image Art Products specializes in customizing many types of ceramic, promotional and gift products with your own logo, image, artwork or text. Our products can be customized as gifts, momentos, fund-raising products, awards, inspirational products - anything!

It's easy to use our services. You simply send us your photograph, artwork, logo and/or inspirational text and we duplicate it on to the product of your choice. We do not harm your photograph in any way, and will return it to you after the project is over.

Our ceramic tiles come in a variety of different sizes and finishes, and can be framed or even made into large murals!

The examples you see on this page are just a small collection of ideas and customized products! Contact us for pricing and customization options.

Are you a reseller? We can produce one-of-a-kind products to help your competition, which in turn means profit for you!



2 x 2  Magnet Tiles

These 2x2 tile magnets make great awards or gifts. They're perfect for advertising or as inspirational awards.


4x4 Tiles and Tumblestone Coasters

In a word: gorgeous! These tumblestones are of the highest quality and make perfect gifts or fund-raising products. The 4x4 tiles also make great coasters or decorative elements in backsplashes, etc. As with all our products, they can be customized with your own text, family memento, artwork or image. We also offer 6x6 tiles which are suitable as decorative elements or trivets.


Sober America License Plate

This product is very popular! It is a full size license plate, made of durable fiberglass,  displaying an American flag with AA symbol in the stars on a black background.


Custom Dog Tags

A very unique product, these dog tags are an excellent product for fund-raising groups or any organization that wants their own logo statement. Each dog tag is on a 30-inch metal snap chain (which can be cut to fit). The tags can be customized with any photo, logo or text, including an anniversary year (for AA uses).


Custom Crosses & Bookmarks

Our 7" wide x 11" tall, ready to hang, mahagony crosses make wonderful inspirational or "in loving memory" gifts. They can be inscribed with the text or logo of your choice. Our ribbon bookmarks can be customized with any text or image.


Custom Ceramic Plaques

This product is very popular for organizations, churches, companies or any group to use as a photo-quality custom award or honor.


Custom Photograph/Artwork Tiles

These photo tiles are great either framed or standing in a samll easel. The glossy photo quality make them an exceptional piece of gift art. Typically created in 6x8 or 8x10 sizes, they make an elegant gift or custom product that showcases your artwork beautifully.


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